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KAANJJ is the ultimate brand for the cosmopolitan, global citizen who loves clothing and accessories crafted in an authentic, original way by skilled designers. KAANJJ epitomises ageless adornments that make a bold and beautiful statement about the elegance of their wearer. At KAANJJ, we have a heritage-rooted approach to collecting clothing from South Asian designers that are globally versatile. We have fused the East and West, functional and festive, elegant and ageless in the collection.

Timeless sense
of style

Slow sustainable

Weaves that
tell stories

As a mother and daughter team, we: Sonal and Karnika are both passionate about fashion and art. We hope to share our enthusiasm and love for beautiful artisanal fabrics and clothing with you. Having lived in Mumbai, Hong Kong, New York, and now London, we have special appreciation for the cosmopolitan taste of the globe-trotting generation. Weaving together our historic heritage with today's trends, we share with you a brand built around beauty deeper than the fabric, of a timeless and captivating quality.
For this brand, we have rediscovered traditional arts and crafts of local artisans, producing clothes in the same way as their ancient ancestors. We are fascinated by the intricate, traditional methods of designing, weaving, embroidering and embellishing gorgeous silks, cottons and other traditional fabrics. Our journey bonded and brought us together, igniting our love for fashion.
We want to share the hidden gems from the East under a brand lives by the mantra of looking beyond the label into the true quality of each and every piece of fabric.
To us, supporting original artisans and their art forms means indulging in the stories behind these pieces. Their manufacturing skills and techniques are passed down through several generations. We are dedicated to providing a carefully curated collection of beautiful clothes that will become heirlooms for generations to come. Like us, we hope you will also create your own stories and precious memories through the KAANJJ clothes you are blissfully draped within.

Welcome to the Kisnadwala closet.

Welcome to Kaanjj.